Traditionally, only Maasai men can own livestock. Women rely on their husbands to provide food for their children. This social system creates an increased vulnerability for widowed mothers.

Our “Sister’s Boma” gathers 17 widows and their 82 children from various areas of Ngorongoro to come together in one village. The women selected for our Sister’s Boma Project were identified by our local Maasai council leaders. 

In addition to supplying corn and beans to our most vulnerable community members each month, our herd of more than 100 goats provides a sustainable food source of milk and yogurt. Our goat herd grown with donated goats and the birth of new kids.

A small donation of $40 adds one goat to our herd.  A larger donation of $200 supplies one month of food for one village. A major donation of $4,000 provides a micro-loan for the Maasai leaders to purchase and raise livestock for the comunity to sell and purchase food.